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What is "WoP" and who is the WoP-(PE)-Clan?

First of all: Ego-Shooters are Bad, Evil, Bloody and Brutal. Yeah thats right, but as a law of exception, "WoP" is Different.

"WoP, the "World of Padman", is a nice colorfull, comicstyled Shooter without blood , but with much Fun, hot Music and it's FREE.

The Characters in this Game are Padman, Padlilly, Monterpad, Piratepad and some more. They are mousesized Figures, that have a nice Day in different Locations like a Living Room, Jail, Castle, Garden and even more and all they really want to do is to give their Opponents a hard time. They don't use bad Weapons, they fight with Paint-Bullets from the Nipper, Waterbombs from the Balloony, water from the Boaster and even more. Sometimes they get bitchy with the Punchy. The different Gamestyles are: Make Points in "Spray your Color", protect the "BigBalloon" or survive as the "Last Pad Standing (LPS)". Till now the complete Game is only playable in an Multiplayer-Mode, but maybe in the next Future, there will be a Singleplayermode too.

What? You are curious? You want to see Pictures? Watch more by clicking on the left side's Link "Weapons and Rules" and "Pictures". And if you are now getting Hot for the Game Download it for Free. You find a Link under "Downloads and Links".

And Now: Who is the WoP-(PE)-Clan?

The (PE)-Clan, (PE) stands for "Pad Elite" aka "PlayerElite",  is one of some international Clans, with members of all Ages from Young to Old, which were playing the WoP-Game as a passion. We meet Online in the Game, fighting together or against each other, have a nice Day and pursue our hobby. We will be part of planned Tournaments in the Future.

You want to be a part of the (PE)-Family or need more Informations about the Game and the Rules? No problem. Write us via the"Kontakt"-Link on the left Side and you'll get the Answer
as soon as possible. More Contactoptions under "Impressum".


But wait: We're not only playing "Wop", there are also some GrownUp-Games like "OpenArena", "UrbanTerror",  "Warsaw", "Wolfenstein:ET" and much more, where you can find many of our higher Aged Players.

We send greetings to all Leagues and Clans, all Leagueless old and new Players and, with a big THANK YOU, special Greetings to the programmers of the Games - you saved our Days.


By the Way: Don't be too shy to visit our Guestbook and leave your Sign. 























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