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(pe)-Clan - we kick Ass.....!!!
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Of course, a clan only can exist if you consider some Rules:!

For Clan-Joiners: To show us, how good you are, you should make some very good Matches within one Week. Some (pe)-Members will spectate you in this Time!


And for all Members, here are our clan rules:

1) Cheating in a game is absolutely unfair to others and therefore not allowed!

2) Serious insults and utterances must not be. Should problems arise, we can talk about Problems in a friendly conversation.

3) Camping is just for Losers! Camping brings you no benefits and is also not fair to other players, which where bringing the full deployment.

4) Basically there's ONLY team play in team games (unless you'll get another statement). Therefore, no aggression against Team colleagues, who shoot you.

5) Everyone has good times and bad days. Accept it, if someone plays sometimes worse or better.

6) Clan Wars and tournament matches. Most clan games will be played in the 3 vs3, and 5 vs5 Rule . If someone wants to play, he should send a Mail to the Leader. I'm trying to make a fair disposition, so that everyone would benefit from the upcoming matches.

7) When clan members have problems with each other, they can clear with themselves, ask your leader. He will listen to both statements  and try to find a solution.

8) Kick of  players: Kicking by teammates in the game is unfair and it should not happen. You wouldn't like it too to be kicked, just because someone doesn't like you.

9) Information and news will be found  on our homepage or in the forum, but I also send messages via mail. So, for News, control your Mails or Visit our Homepage.

10) Our forum is not only Online, because it looks nice on the homepage, but should also be used by the Members. Ideal if you have some questions, informations, if you be depressed by something or just want to write something for the Members.

11) Clan-hopping: Might be a  Hobby, but it is not nice to the other members. So, if you want to join (pe), think about it exactly. Permanent Clanchangings will not be accepted!

12) If you want to leave the clan, this could be done by sending a Mail to the Leader e-mail or via info in our forum. If Internal problems give a reason for this decision, a conversation with the Leader might Help you, defending some Problems, so maybe other solutions can be found.

13) Exclusion of members: This could naturally happened,  if someone doesn't react on Warnings or disrespect our Rules. Must not be, if you attend the upper points;)


Have many Fun, enjoy the games and kick some Ass!

(pe) Rulez!

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