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Since the use and the rules in most ego-shooters are very similar, here's once the fundamental basis of the weapons and the rules of the funny Comic Shooter World Of Padman (WoP), which will be presented and serve as an example

Weapons and rules

Balloony: The Wet Waterbombing Lady

Betty: This Baby is gonna make you Hot

Boaster: The water cannon for civilians

BubbleG: The fire-raising Duration of the "Nipper"

Imperius: The fire-raising Duration of the "Nipper"

Nipper: The Dwarf of the major weapons

Pumper: The radiation gun for Sci-Fi Fans

Punchy: The hand puppet with a special "bite"

Splasher: Ideal for sniper friends, with scope

The Rules:

As in many 3D shooters, there are also "World of Padman" different game variations for individual and team battles. Here are the most important:

Spray your Color
Your Job: Frag Opponents, pick up Cartridges and Spray your Color in a neutral Sprayzone to get points.

Big Balloon (team game):
You must conquer the balloon and try to hold the opposing team away from your balloon.

LPS (load pad standings) (in other games known as LMS LastManStanding ):

The "survival game". Here you try, with a certain number of lives, as long as possible to stay in the game without beeing Fragged. Sounds simple? But it is not.

Last but not least: CTL (Capture the Lolly) (CTF Capture the Flag in other games)

The goal is to take the lollipop (the flag) from the enemy base and to Guard your own Flag. Sounds easier said than done, because the opponents try the same Thing!

Obviously, some of these Gametypes also played as a team!


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