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 We have started with Wop, but we are not exclusively here. Over the time we added more games for our adult players .
Some should be listed here

Open Arena - Open Arena is a 3D shooter on the freely available Qu ** e 3-based engine. Play solo against bots or via the Internet against real opponents. Currently, there are the games Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Tournament.

Warsow - Ingenious Online-Multiplayer  with an improved Qu ** e 2 engine in cartoon look. For example the game now supports DirectX 9 effects. Numerous weapons, powerups and special moves can help you, to win the battle.

Wolfenstein: ET - a free online version of the well-known ego-Shooter. The scenario: the Second World War. On the side of the German army or the allied troops, the player has been taken into opulently decorated landscapes to online opponents from around the world.

Urban Terror - often abbreviated as URT or UT, is an extensive modification of Qu ** e III Arena from the developer Frozen sand. The game itself is free.

Nexuiz - On the basis of the source code of Qua * e 1, a team of enthusiastic fans
has programmed the shooter game Nexuiz . Of course, the engine, the textures, resolution, effects, etc.  has been pimped up. Play online or against bots in several variants. Nice and good Open Source shooter

Alien Arena - The game very strongly remembers of the cult shooter Qua * e 3,  40 maps, nine weapons and six different game modes are available

Cube 2-Sauerbraten: Sauerbraten is the official successor to the highly successful open-source Game Cube. The Game has been powered Up with better graphics and new features. Seven weapons, two solo multiplayer modes and several variants are available for you

StarTrek Voyager: Elite Force: The online implementation of the 3D-ego player. Make your Way from the Holodeck to your Opponents Battlegrounds.

X-Real: Further to Q3-programmed basic shooter with nice graphics

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